It’s Complicated

January 6, 2017

The human brain has over 100 billion neurons that transmit information to nerve , muscle, and gland cells.  That means one human brain is more complex than the global Internet. We are indeed incredibly complicated creatures. Add to the equation the fact we are all flawed, with differing interests, needs and fears, coming from very different places, carrying all kinds of baggage… no wonder family relationships are so difficult.

Don’t miss these next two Sundays as our co-pastors exchange pulpits to teach on how to thrive at home. Just like we wouldn’t expect our cars to run well without being serviced regularly, so marriage and family cannot prosper long without care.

Pastor Ray will speak about how wrong expectations impede the way we relate to one another.  Our home life must be rooted in our relationship to Christ and lived out according to what God had in mind when he created us for one another.

Pastor Godfrey will speak on two essential skills we must master to have a healthy families. We long to live in peace, so we must learn to resolve conflict constructively. And we long to enjoy intimacy, so we must communicate effectively. In this message you will gain awareness and glean insights on how to do both effectively.

Let’s start the new year right by paying attention to our most important relationships — those at home.

Forward this invitation a friend, bundle-up the family and come to be enlightened and inspired.

Godfrey Hubert, Co-Pastor

By: Ray Hughes