Foundry Disaster Recovery: Rebuilding Lives, Not Just Homes

The help we provided to our friends and neighbors in the wake of Hurricane Harvey was invaluable. Unfortunately, for many impacted families, the journey to recovery is far from over. To continue helping those in need, Foundry has joined forces with Cy-Hope to found the Cy-Hope Disaster Recovery Network; a non-profit network of faith communities, businesses, and organizations dedicated to helping our under-resourced Cy-Fair neighbors fully recover from disaster. While the current focus will be on victims of Hurricane Harvey, the network is being built to better organize the efforts of its member institutions in response to any disaster in the future. We currently have over 40 members and are growing!

The Cy-Hope Disaster Recovery Network will be the engine behind efforts of the member churches, businesses, etc. but your direct involvement will be with the institution(s) with which you volunteer.

If you would like to continue to be involved in this (or future) recovery efforts, please sign up below.

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