August 17, 2017

The events which took place last week in Charlottesville, VA and their aftermath are a troubling reminder that we have a long way to go in the struggle to be One Nation Under God. I pray God gives us the courage to work for peace and unity and to speak up against racism and bigotry in all of their forms.


These events are a reminder that we live in a hurting and broken world. Our world is in need of reconciliation. The good news is Jesus’ life, death and resurrection reconcile us to God and show us the pathway to reconciliation with one another. There is hope!

I saw this hope on display as I watched the news this morning. I was impressed by the powerful expression of hope, love and justice portrayed by those who gathered peacefully to memorialize the young woman whose life was lost in this tragedy. As they sang “This Little Light of Mine” I was reminded that the light of Jesus will overcome even the darkest of evils.

It reminded me of something I heard Pastor Rick Warren say years ago. Warren, the author of the Purpose Driven Life, was interviewed during the Hurricane Katrina recovery effort. He was asked by a reporter, “Where is God in the midst of such devastation?” Warren replied that God could be seen in the many Christians helping those in need. They were a visible demonstration of the love of God to the world. Foundry was one of the many churches who responded to offer aid to hurting people during Hurricane Katrina. I pray we will each have the courage once again to respond with grace and compassion seeking reconciliation and offering hope. Will you take advantage of the opportunity to shine?

I encourage you to read the Pastoral letter about Racism in America from Bishop Scott J. Jones Texas Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church.

By: Ray Hughes