Cy-Hope Disaster Recovery Network

September 29, 2017

CY-HOPE DISASTER RECOVERY NETWORK: A network of faith communities, businesses and organizations helping the under-resourced to fully recover from disaster.

Recovering Hope. Restoring Lives. Rebuilding Together.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Cy-Hope Disaster Recovery Network. As a member of V.O.A.D. (Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster), this organization will help to coordinate and expedite every facet of the long-term rebuilding effort, and prepare our community to face the next disaster.

It is said that recovery is always local. While our community suffered some of the worst flooding, and we need outside resources to come along side of us, the face and the champions of the long term recovery must be the local churches and businesses. Cy-Hope D.R.N. will bring needs and resources together by…

  • Recruiting and training volunteers in all facets of disaster recovery.
  • Managing and resourcing work projects.
  • Coordinating housing and work projects for visiting work teams.

It is projected that the rebuilding phase will take 4-6 years, and all members will be invited to participate in this Kingdom-wide effort. We will need prayer warriors, shepherds to walk beside the families who are waiting to be rebuild, professional overseers to direct the skilled and unskilled volunteers to carry out the work.

More updates will be posted as they become available.

By: Ray Hughes