The recent storms in the Gulf have impacted Texas and Louisiana, leaving thousands of children, families, and seniors without power, water, and food and serves as a reminder that we need to be prepared to respond — both now and in the future.

Although the extent of the damage and the specific needs of those areas impacted by Nicholas are still being assessed, Foundry is ready to respond and assist in our community and beyond.

One of the first ways we can help is to DONATE. Survivors and first responders will need resources, supplies for clean up, and construction materials. Donate HERE and designate your donation to Hurricane Relief.


We continue to watch and assess the needs in our community and beyond in response to Hurricane Ida and Tropical Storm Nicholas.
If you are skilled in construction, can lend a listening ear or even just have a heart to serve and don’t mind a little hard work, please let us know you are interested by completing the form below.
CLICK HERE to serve with Foundry Disaster Recovery.


If you need assistance, please let us know.