Dominican Republic 2019 Testimony

January 15, 2020

“Going to the Dominican Republic grew my life I’m so many ways. This trip pushed me to be bold in my faith by sharing the love of the Lord to many people. Interacting with these kids brought so much joy to my heart due to just how happy they were no matter the situation. This trip has opened my eyes and my heart and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to interact with the people of the DR.”

“Heading to the Dominican, I was nervous because I didn’t know too many people. However, that’s not at all how I felt leaving the Dominican. On this trip, I was able to gain so many friends through Christ. These new friends of mine are ones that I needed, ones that make my faith so much stronger. These people turned a long and hard working week into a week that flew by and that was the most fun. these friends are ones that have made me such a better person, a friend, and a Christian.” 


By: Abby Weeks