On September 19th we will have 2nd grade Bible Presentation where your child will be gifted a Kids Bible. This will occur during the 10:45 service!

There’s a parent class at 9:15 where we will show you how to utilize the kids Bible + you will write a special scripture and note to your child during this time!  Registration is required for this event so that we can have the Pastors sign the Bible as well!

Fry Rd-Parent class in the gear room at 9:15

Jones Rd-Parent class in the cafeteria at 9:15

1-Drop your child in their regular classroom at 9:15
2-Attend parent class at 9:15
3-We will bring your child to the service at 10:45 to meet you
4-All instructions for 10:45 presentation will be given during parent class

Register Here

If you have any questions please reach out to Karen at Jones or Tammy at Fry!