Fry Road Students

January 15, 2020

Discipleship has always been an important part in the faith journey for any individual. It’s a step into deeper relationship with others and with God. It’s a time for fellowship, for accountability, for vulnerability, and for centering ourselves around the life of Jesus. For many people, it can be a big step and commitment, one that can come with hesitancy over what they are getting themselves into.

This decision became a reality for five 11th grade boys at our Fry Road Campus 2 years ago. Fresh off a Foundry mission trip to Puerto Rico, Nate, Mason, Reagan, Chris, and Jack knew that they needed something deeper to continue the development of their faith. They had experienced God through service together and the mountaintop experiences that they had, but they knew that it would take constant discipleship to keep them on the right path as they went back to normal life.


Upon an invitation from their student pastor, Jeremiah, these five boys decided to meet every week in the form of a life group, taking a commitment to be with each other, pursue God together and push each other in the right direction. They understood that it took consistency and prioritizing time in their already busy lives to really seek God in an intentional way

All of a sudden, the life of the church became a higher priority for them, the influence that these boys had in their communities began to show the light of Christ.What started as five boys meeting together became more than just a night of bible study. They began to invite their peers to Sunday service every week, actively serve in the community events of the church, and become leaders in the areas they felt called to

This year is their last semester of high school. The group they started has now doubled to ten people meeting every week. What started as a faithful leap into discipleship has turned into something that God has used to do amazing things in the people around them. All it takes is one step in the right direction.

By: Abby Weeks