FSM Events & Updates

FSM Events & Updates

Hello Students + Families!

We are excited to officially kick off the 2020-21 year this Sunday, September 27 for Foundry Student Ministries. We know that things will continue to look different in this season but know that our goal/vision is still to bring students together as we seek and chase after what God is doing in each of our lives and the life of our church community. We are honored to continue to walk alongside Families and Students as we all navigate these different times!

What's Happening

Join us every Sunday Morning at 10:45 where we GROW together through a time of teaching + small groups. This is a time for students to connect through discussion, topical studies, and Scripture. It is a great entrance into all FSM has to offer. Spaces will be divided into Middle School + High School rooms to ensure that we can maintain safe social distancing.
SUNDAY EVENINGS//6-7:30 PM(Alternating Jones and Fry)


Join us every Sunday night for some FSM fellowship + fun! These times are geared towards community with students and intentional time spent in small groups as we journey through life together. Expect lots of fun, intentional conversation, and a place for students to belong! Events will be designed for outdoor gatherings so that we can be in larger numbers together! Please still bring a mask, chair, and your dinner!

Confirmation is a major milestone in the life of a young person emphasizing a personal commitment to Christ. It also fulfills any baptismal vows taken on his or her behalf.
Confirmation is for all 6th graders and for any 7th – 8th graders who have not been confirmed. Your child will spend eight months deepening relationships with God, caring adults and friends who will join them on their spiritual journey. Choose the Confirmation option below that will allow your child to make connections with peers he or she will encounter in the neighborhood, at school and in your community.
Register your student in advance for Confirmation here!

What We're Teaching

TRUE STORY: A 4-Week Series on Identity

Sunday Mornings//10:45AM

Many of our favorite movies, from Toy Story to Moana, tell the stories of characters who are on a journey to discover who they are and what they were created to do. The stories in Scripture are like this too, but with one big difference: in the Bible, humans aren’t the main characters – God is. In this series, we’ll explore the stories of people like Cain and Abel, Elijah, Naomi, Ruth, Esther, and some of the earliest Jesus-followers in order to see that who we are can best be understand in the context of who God is. When we discover who our Creator is, we can better understand who we were created to be. Because of who God is, we can trust how God has made us, we can do difficult things, we can embrace the unknown, and we can take risks for others.

Confirmation (6th Grade)

Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith 

“Like a tattoo, the fundamental truths of the faith are supposed to be permanently etched into us. However, a lifetime of learning, loving, and living the Scriptures requires at some point, we really begin to understand where they come from and what they mean.” We will use this study to guide us as we talk about the rich foundations of faith and scripture memorization to bind us to the truth.

Tips/Resources of the Month

Though anxiety has risen among young people overall, studies confirm that it has skyrocketed in girls. No parent wants their daughter to suffer from emotional overload, in the book UNDER PRESSURE, Damour  turns to the many facets of girls’ lives where tension takes hold: their interactions at home, pressures at school, social anxiety among other girls and among boys, and their lives online.

As readers move through the layers of girls’ lives, they’ll learn about the critical steps that adults can take to shield their daughters from the toxic pressures to which our culture-including we, as parents-subjects girls.

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