Matt & TJ Campbell

January 15, 2020

What is a life group? A life group is the church. A life group is a group of people with some common factor growing in faith together. A life group is family. We like to say that our life group is the family that we got to choose. We do life together – the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the easy, the hard, the mundane, and the unexpected. We stand beside one another through it all. We support one another in whatever way we can and whatever way is needed. We are the village for each others kids. We are the family that we chose. We serve together, we worship together, we do life together. We are the church – together.

Long story short, our life group is where my and Matt’s relationship started and the reason I stayed at Foundry. They were the majority of our wedding party. They walked with us through infertility and the long journey of IVF for both of our girls, as well as the one we lost between them. They helped me find a good place to practice counseling. And, most recently, walked with us through this journey with Matt’s stroke and all that has come with it.

Our life group is what, with the exception of family, has supported me most during what has been the hardest year of my life. Our life group has rallied about our family in so many ways. They have given emotional support, financial support, helped pay for parking, bought and organized meals, and drove me (and my in-laws) to and from the hospitals and rehab facilities to see Matt. they organized a prayer vigil when things to be at their worst. They organized, fundraised and remodeled our bathroom so Matt could come home. They pained several rooms and got Abigail’s room ready for her to come home. They stood beside me when I was getting some of the hardest news I have ever gotten – a few times… They talked with me and helped me make horribly difficult decisions, because they have known Matt longer than I have and had a slightly more objective viewpoint than I did.

They picked Miriam up from school and the hospital, let her spend the night, took her to school, helped with play dates, and made sure she felt like a normal kid when her world was turned all around.

They cried with me, they laughed with me, they stayed up all hours of the night with me. They visited Matt regularly despite how far away he was, whether that be physically or mentally. Several of our former class members drove hours to come see Matt when he was in the hospital and rehab.

They prayed constantly! They stayed at the hospital with me after Abigail was born and family needed to sleep. They checked on Matt to make sure he was doing alright back at home. They continue to encourage Matt and help him progress beyond what therapy is doing.

They have kept us going through all of it. They are truly what the church is supposed to look like.

By: Abby Weeks