Toddlers are learning to be away from home and family. They are building trust and understanding in wonderful new surroundings and are making sense of God’s wonderful world!

Students explore learning while developing their five senses through Bible stories, nursery rhymes, playing with new materials, reacting to new environments, listening to music and dancing, and participating in basic arts and crafts activities. Children are introduced to a center-based classroom, which means that children will choose puzzles, free art, blocks, housekeeping, dress-up, manipulatives, books or games.

Weather permitting, children enjoy outside time focusing on gross motor skills, but if the weather is not pretty enough to go outside, students and teachers use our fully- equipped gym for gross motor development.

Foundry will provide a snack for the children daily. Parents should send a child-friendly healthy lunch, nap mat, diapers, changes of clothes and at least two drinks each day. It is very important that everything parents send to school is clearly labeled with the child’s name.


Age: 15 – 35 Months (as of September 1 of the current school year)

Available: M/W, T/Th, M/W/F, T/Th/F, M-Th, M-F at our Jones Road Campus
Available: M/W, T/Th, M/W/F, T/Th/F, M-Th, M-F at our Fry Road Campus