Road Trip Sermon Series Intro

May 23, 2018

May 27- August 12

Few things in life are more memorable than a road trip and summer is the perfect time to hit the road!  Whether we’re traveling far, or enjoying the hometown sites, we are all going somewhere. This summer, we’ll travel through the Bible and learn from people who found God on the road. Where will this journey with God take you?

Join us in an interactive journey this summer by  completing our Road Trip Scavenger Hunt! 
Take a picture of these 12 things while on vacation (or stay-cation!) this summer and post them on social using #FoundryRoadTrip. You just might see your own Road Trip experience shared in weekend services or on Foundry’s Jones Road Campus or Fry Road Campus Facebook pages!
  1. Bulletin of a church you attended while on vacation
  2. Eating at a great place
  3. A beautiful cross
  4. Landmark or iconic location
  5. Performing an act of service
  6. Family member sleeping in public
  7. Someone taking a picture
  8. Your family in front of a church
  9. Funny church sign
  10. Selfie by a yellow car
  11. Someone praying
  12. Visitors Center or Rest Stop


Other ways to stay connected while you’re out on the road this Summer:

  • Use #FoundryRoadTrip to share your Road Trip photos, stories and videos on social
  • Follow our blog for weekly inspirational Road Trip Devotionals
  • Listen to the sermons when you are on the road
Stay tuned in the coming weeks to catch all the travel experiences we’ll have together this summer!

By: Ray Hughes