To schedule a wedding, please contact Joleen Wright at 713.937.9388. The wedding date may be set up to 18 months in advance. One of our ministers will be assigned to your wedding. If you have a preference, please communicate your desire to the Wedding Coordinator. Please note, however, that the ministers must work around their other commitments and that the minister is subject to change up to one month before the ceremony.

The charges for the ceremony include the use of the Sanctuary and compensate the church organist, wedding coordinator, and custodian. This fee also includes the minister’s honorarium. A down payment of half the charge is required to place the date on the church calendar. The final payment is due one month before the ceremony. In the event the wedding is cancelled more than 60 days before the ceremony, all but $50 of the deposit will be refunded. If the wedding is cancelled less than 60 days prior to the ceremony, no refund will be issued.

Walk-in weddings are held in the Chapel, which accommodates approximately 35 guests. Music and rehearsals are not provided for Chapel weddings. The fee is $250. To schedule a walk-in wedding, call the church office at 713.937.9388.


All music must be appropriate for a church wedding service. Please schedule an appointment with the organist at least six weeks prior to your wedding. He will assist in the selection of music. Recorded music is discouraged, but if it is used an additional fee will be required to provide a sound operator for the ceremony.


The Wedding Coordinator will schedule and conduct a 45-minute wedding rehearsal. Please be punctual, since more than one rehearsal may be scheduled for the same evening. The officiating minister does not attend the wedding rehearsal.


The Church will be open and available two hours prior to the ceremony. Please plan to have all flowers, candles, and other decorations delivered within that time frame.


You are welcome to use candelabras, greenery, pew bows or floral arrangements for your wedding ceremony. Other than the unity candle, all candles must be spring-loaded (chaste). Please refrain from hanging wreaths or other adornments from the windows, altar or balcony. The pulpit must remain in place and cannot be decorated. To protect our landscaping and local wildlife, neither rice nor birdseed may be thrown.


Flash photography is permitted during the bridal processional and recessional only. A time-exposed photo (no flash) may be taken from the balcony of the sanctuary during the service. Video taping is also permitted from the balcony. No other flash photography is allowed during the ceremony. Please make arrangements for all additional photos to be taken before or after the service.


The Fellowship Hall, which comfortably accommodates 200 people, is available for your wedding reception for an additional fee. This fee covers the cost of the wedding coordinator, custodians, utilities, use of the Fellowship Hall for four hours, and the use of tables and chairs. In addition to the usage fee, a deposit of half of the total is required to schedule your reception. The final payment is due one month prior to the ceremony.

If you will be using a caterer, please contact the Wedding Coordinator at least one month in advance to discuss your arrangements.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted.
Only clear punch may be served.
Smoking or other tobacco products are not permitted in the buildings.